Ladybug Dry Steam Vapor Systems

Cleaning with the Ladybug® Steam Vapor System puts you on the path to a cleaner healthier home.

It uses just WATER and TANCS®, our innovative cleansing process, to remove dirt you can see and kills the germs you can’t – in one easy step.

Treated surfaces are dry within minutes. And the whole process is virtually mess-free!

It even improves the quality of the air you breathe.

It provides endless reuse, it is good for people, the planet, and business.

  • No superficial chemical or abrasive cleaners, harsh toxic fumes, or dulling chemical residue.
  • Safe for your family and pets.
  • Safe for the environment—no pouring toxic chemicals down the drain.
  • Effective on much more than carpets and floors. You can sanitize and deodorize nearly every surface in your home.
  • We also offer add-on accessories, so you can customize your system to your specific needs.
  • We offer different models for a wide range of budgets.
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